Instantly create a Messenger bot with many features

Sending newsletters, performing transactional tasks, fully or partially automating responses, semantic algorithms, polls, data analysis ...

Benefit from a new communication channel

Send newsletters on Messenger

Post your news, articles, videos etc. to your community on Messenger. Send your campaigns manually or via RSS feeds and API calls. Average opening rate found: 80%.

Audience segmentation

Suggest to your community to subscribe to broadcast channels to boost your click rate. Send your subscribers recurring or occasional messages depending on your activity.

Set transactional actions

Integrate transactional flows thanks to templates that allow your users to quickly access your value proposition: product sales, dynamic FAQs, quotes, customer support...

Rich formats available

Improve your reach and engage your audience with dynamic messages! Text, image, GIF, video, audio, file, link, maps ... The possibilities of usable formats are almost infinite.

Semantics Recognition (~AI)

Our algorithm allows you to detect simple expressions so that you can train your bot to respond to interactions from your users. Possibility of custom NLP | NLU set-up.

Automation of responses

Create pre-filled answer templates to interact in an automated or partially automated (human-machine hybrid) way with your community.

Creation of targeted surveys

Probe your audience directly in order to perform AB Testing, get feedback from your community on a specific topic or improve knowledge of your user base.

User acquisition

Benefit from our resources to develop the audience of your new conversational channel in your different communities: sharing links, pop-ups, web module, Switchy, etc

Real-time data analysis

Sently automatically analyzes different KPIs to provide you with data about your bot: clickthrough rate, open rate, unsubscribe, audience composition, etc.
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