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Discover the benefits of a Messenger bot to engage your community! Benefit from our business expertise and our pre-defined templates!

Highlight <br/> your services
your services
Send <br/> newsletters
Query your <br/>audience
Query your
Give<br/><x></x>practical information
practical information
Automate <br/> answers

Benefit from a new communication channel

Create a innovative experience

Give your community a rich experience with conversational technology! No user-side installation, rich message formats and fluid experience: finally you'll be able to engage your audience.

Interact with your audience

Thanks to Sently, you can now interact with your audience in a simple and optimized way. Set up automated or hybrid responses, create transactional actions and more

Enjoy a simple and fast set-up

Create or customize a ready-to-use chatbot with an easy-to-use interface. Save time and money by leveraging our industry expertise to create bots for your industry.

Get data in real-time

Sently automatically analyzes different performance indicators to provide you with data about your bot: clickthrough rate, open rate, unsubscribe, audience composition, etc.
Highlight your services
Create transactional cards to invite your audience to discover your proposition value
Send newsletters
Deliver rich and dynamic content to your audience through difussion lists
Ask your audience
Create surveys, suggest guided flows... to get to know better your community
Deliver practical information
Offer your community a quick and easy access to all your practical information (FAQ)
Automate responses
Set up the semantic engine easily in order to respond to recurring questions
Analyze your performance
Benefit from complete analytics to improve performance of your bot and adapt it to your needs

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